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New York Times best selling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy; Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery.

" I am changed forever. "




After three decades as investment banker in the innovation ecosystem, strategic management in diversified global manufacturing, and successful start-up founder...

I come alongside leaders and executive teams during critical situations.

Whether transformational deals, stalled growth, shifting landscapes, or times of heightened complexity, uncertainty, or urgency.

I help get to the heart of the matter.


Prior to my Wall Street career, I created a pioneering e-commerce platform at a Fortune 50 company; was a strategic planning manager in Japan; and co-founded an award-winning global consumer electronics start-up.

I have degrees from New York University (BA, Psych), Boston University (MBA) and studied music at the New England Conservatory.

I am a writer, musician and never frequent-enough traveler. I am a thirsty listener & observer.  My super power is being able to see through the clutter and get to the heart of the matter.

Several relatives played significant roles during dramatic turning points in the histories of the United States and Germany.  I am a direct descendant of Israel Bissell, who has been credited with performing the real midnight ride in 1775 (while Paul Revere slept in a tavern) that warned American colonists of the British invasion.  Another relative, Daniel Bissell, was the second U.S. soldier awarded the Badge of Military Merit (for unusual courage) by General George Washington.  

My grandfather, Maximilian von der Schulenurg was a decorated pilot and master of aerial reconnaissance; he was instrumental in targeting Hitler's "Wolf's Lair."  Uncle Fritz-Dietlof preferred the title "Scoundrel" over "Count" when addressed by Hitler's henchmen.  Uncle Friedrich Werner was Ambassador to the Soviet Union tried to prevent Germany's surprise invasion of Russia. They were all executed for their roles in the July 20, 1944 assassination plot against Adolf Hitler.  

I live in San Francisco with my family and Rosie (aka, "Golden Nugget"), a small but ravenous Norwich Terrier.


Sometimes things don't go as planned.  

I had always loved writing and knew that I would someday write a book.  But I never imagined what eventually emerged.  This wasn't the book I was supposed to write.  Until it was.  

My life was unfolding like the American Dream.  I had all the boxes checked: family, friends, faith, education, career, marriage, family.  Success.  A charmed life.  What could go wrong?

A car crash, injuries, dead bodies, changed lives.  

Life unfolds and shift happens.  So I wrote that book.

Other writing can be found on my Whether Vein blog.

" A gripping, searing, and beautiful story, by a profoundly courageous man, one who let God use a terrible tragedy to make an even better man of him. "

Eric Metaxas

Venture Capitalist.  Former General Partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield & Byer.  Former co-Owner of Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment and the NHL's San Jose Sharks.

Kevin Compton

Founder, New Canaan Society; former Senior Advisor, Ripplewood Capital; former Chairman SG Capital Partners; former Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co.

James N. Lane

" This book will lift you up by bringing you to your knees. It will make you laugh, cry, scratch your head, and search your soul. "